Friday, November 25, 2016


Lainey and I have been sooo busy with the holidays we haven't been able to post! It sucks, but we have a few projects we're working on, one being Lainey's infinity scarf which is turning out beautifully. I'll be posting pictures on Monday, so stay tuned. Thanks for sticking around and happy belated Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Busy, busy.

Hello everyone, I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for helping get back on the right path. Its been a very busy few weeks for Lainey and I, between art shows and finals Lainey has been super busy. Break is coming up though, and I am stoked to see what projects she and I can conquer during the time off.

Anyways, thanks again everyone for helping with views and whatnot we greatly appreciate it!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

When Writers Forget How To Write

When Writers Forget How To Write

      We've all experienced it, even those of you who claim not to write! We experience it in our prose, our flash-fiction, our romance novel, our grocery list, our passive aggressive sticky notes, our term papers. Yes that terrible little thing called: 
     How do you recover from such a tragedy? Well, my fellow bloggers, I would like to offer some help. The most important thing for us to realize as writers, is that there is a history of brilliant writers that came before us, and there are many great writers to come. WE ARE NOT ALONE! 
     So whenever you pull out your feather quill pen (because we all have one) and your ink is spotting on the page, just think of the people who came before us. If they had let Writers Block  get the best of them then we would not have our favorite pieces of literature today. 
      PHEW!!! I needed a moment to recover from that previous hypothetical. Anyway, lets take a look at a few of the "Greats" who came before us and what they have to say about writing and maybe even life in general. 
Ah Yes, Henry David Thoreau the abolitionist who helped slaves make their way to Canada on the underground railroad. He was the mastermind behind Civil Disobedience.

Another Great mind, Fyodor Dostoevsky (try saying that 5 times fast) Who was best known for Crime and Punishment, and Notes from the Underground.

Lord of the Rings...Need I say more?

Lewis Carroll, my personal favorite author, who wrote Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking glass, and Jabberwocky. 

Another one of my favorites :)  C.S. Lewis who is best known for The Chronicles of Narnia, Screwtape Letters

Henry Phillips Lovecraft who is best known for The Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Call of Cthulu, The Whisperer in Darkness

Earnest Hemingway The Sun Also Rises, A farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea. 

These are just a few of the "Greats" that came before us! If they had to get past their Writers 
block then so must we! So the next time you sit down to write the next great American novel, and you feel stuck, just remember what your mentors said! Happy Writing to all of you!

Thank you for reading!
-Nick and Lainey 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Nick and Lainey go on a Journey

Hello fellow blog-monsters,

This week Nick and I are embarking on a brand new adventure...

One we have never dared to venture on before...


Bring it on.

In all seriousness, this is a big deal for us! While Nick is truly the artist in the duo, and I am merely a poor downtrodden writer and musician, I have had to take lead on this particular journey, because...well, I'm female. Nick is doing the "Behind the scenes" work which mainly consists of trying to accomplish my extravagantly not-so-well-thought-out grand ideas. I will now ask him to take a bow.

We are ecstatic about this Art Show and wanted to share it with our blog community.

This is one of the flyers for the Event. If any of you wish to travel to Stockton, California you are more than welcome! 

The point of this art show is to show case the female talent in Stockton. Stockton is a very diverse city, full of ruffians and thugs, but also artists, musicians, and well just about everything.  There is always some kind of event going on, whether it be an art show or a concert. 

So what do Nick and I have to offer? Well, we were asking ourselves the same question. I will be showcasing my poetry. I am good with words, but not necessarily with art, and that is where Nick's handy work comes in.  

These are a couple pieces we worked on together. We plan on putting them in some vintage *too cheap to buy anything new* frames and hoping they take peoples breath away! Hows your breathing?

The first poem is called A Wolf in Cheap Clothing. This poem was one of my more interesting conquests. The point was to mix metaphors until they meant something completely different. You should try it!

The second poem is called Silence. This poem is my criticism on the "hush mentality". This mentality is the one that tells us and everyone else that if we are going through something we cannot share it with anyone else because they would just think we are crazy and never talk to us again. When people are struggling or experiencing real problems like depression, silence is your worst enemy. It is what separates you from the people who love you and want to help you. Ok, I am stepping off my soap box now. 

We are also attempting to put some of our very unique and lovely wire wrapped jewelry on display. This is a hobby we literally just picked up a couple weeks ago, Shhhh don't tell anyone. But we realized, Stockton has plenty of people who want to look hipster, but don't know how to execute the steps to get there. This wire wrapped jewelry will have them hip in no time!

There is a not so brief run down of our adventures to come this weekend, and what we have been working on! You (our blogtastic community) are the first to get a sneak peek at what we have been creating. 

Thank you for reading! Nick and I hope that you all have an exciting weekend. If you have any journeys of your own coming up, please share in the comments below! 

-Nick and Lainey 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Upcoming posts

Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce my cf Lainey and take a moment to fill everyone in on what the revamped blog is going to be. This is a passion project between the two of us and will include everything from: poetry, wire wrapping, hemp work, music, and pretty much any hobbies you could think of. Lainey is generally the creative mind behind this while I do the behind the scenes stuff like this.
We both want to thank everyone for taking the time to check this out and look forward to any ideas or comments you might have on the work we put out.
-Lainey & Nick

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blog Changes starting 6/23/13

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Hello everyone, I would like to first say welcome and secondly say I'm very happy to announce that I will be putting at least 20 hours a week in on this site. The changes that are going to be made starting tomorrow involve: site being converted to video game reviews, which will be themed and most importantly non-biased. I can't wait to see your comments about the first post to come and I wish all of you a great night and look forward to getting your feedback.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Helllloooo again everyone!

J-List has thousands of rare products from Japan - click now
J-List is a peaceful island of Japanese pop culture for you

Hey guys! It's been sooo long since I've gotten a chance to post on here, I was dealing with a boatload of stuff, which is now taken care of. I'll be posting daily once again, and I'll be sure to comment you guys and such :). I hope everyone has been doing well, and I can't wait to get back into this!